Community Pay Back

The One Love Project is proud to announce a new partnership with Southend Probation & the Community Payback Service!
We are supporting a new scheme as part of Community Payback Service, and we are really looking forward to this new project starting.
Please see below for more information.
Probation needs bikes!
As part of Probation’s Community Payback service and in collaboration with The One Love Project, we have an exciting new scheme starting in Southend.
Our team will be setting up a workstation once a week with the task of repairing out-of-service bicycles to a usable standard, to enable us to donate them back into the community.
Our aim is to help benefit those most in need of support with transport to attend vital appointments. As well as donating some back to partnership charities who can use any funds raised to support their individual causes.
If you have any used bikes that you feel may be repairable with a bit of attention, please consider donating to this project.

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